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    Arams Neem Cake

    Neem Cake powder is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and calcium.
    Also natural product and is used for growth and a high yield of crops.

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    We are most Garden
    care company.

    Promoting mechanization and modern technology in agriculture.
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    One stop landscape solution

    We are focused on bio solutions for crops and soils,Agri Life manufactures BioPesticides,
    BioFertilizers, BioStimulants and other Agri inputs.

Welcome to Arams Organics

We are passionate about creating the perfect landscape of our customers dream.

" We are a premier institution in the state promoting mechanization and modern technology in agriculture, setting up of agro based industries, production of value added products, infrastructure development, waste management solutions etc "

Our Products

Agricultural Inputs

Arams Organics


We Offer Procurement and distribution of agricultural inputs such as neem cake, organic manure, and fertilizers, coir pith compost etc..

About Our Company


We are the pioneer in Agricultural Industry with Years of expertise. By intensive, Scientific Research we have developed many Ecofriendly Naturals Fertilisers, Pesticides Plant Growth Regulator and Soil Additives.

Arams Organics

We have a wholly integrated manufacturing facility for Products with a fully equipped laboratory. We also have the capability to handle processes right from Drying and Cleaning Wet Fruits and Kernel Separation to Expelling, Pelleting, Pulverizing and Solvent Extraction all under one roof.

A Qualified Technical team ensures strict Quality Control at all levels.

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We offer you professional expertise & exceptional services in the field of agriculture with focus on increased productivity and modern methodology.